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Q:大家好,我是Volodymyr Piddubny,今年30岁。是一名来自乌克兰的音乐制作人。

A:Would you like to introduce yourself?

Q:My name is Volodymyr Piddubny, 30 years. I`m Music Producer from Rivne, Ukarine.



A:Do you make a living by producing music? If not, what is your job in real-life? How long have you been producing music in this filed? What is the reason for you to stick to producing music?

Q:Yes, huge part of my income is from Music Production, but I have another job, I`m clarinet teacher in Music College.I started to produce music when I was 25 and I think last 3 years I produce Stock Music.I love music. Last 18 or 20 years I`m in a close relationship with music. It brings many positive emotions for me.


Q:其实有时候很难知道自己的音乐被用在什么项目。很多客户都是因为个人目的而购买音乐,比如大学视频或者暑期回顾等。印象最深的一次大概就是我在看周日LFL (传奇足球联赛)预告片的时候,突然听到自己的音乐。当然,德国,法国,西班牙和越南的很多音乐广播和电影公司也购买了我的音乐,这些都在时刻不停的激励着我前进。现在,我有更多机会听到自己的音乐,而不是只能在酒吧播放自己的音乐。

A:Would you like to share and introduce projects you are involved? Such as advertising or movies? How do you feel about those experiences?

Q:It is very hard sometimes to track your music after it was sold. Many tracks used for personal purposes like a college video or summer vacation review. Interesting moment was when I`ve heard my music in Week Trailer of LFL (Legends Football League) Also few of my Jazz tracks were bought with Music Broadcast & Film License from companies from Germany, France, Spain and Vietnam. These moments inspires a lot. Often at nowadays you have much more chances to be heard selling your music at stock markets and not making rock songs and playing them at pubs.


Q:很多项目都用过我的音乐。我印象最深的应该是当我的第一首音乐被AMD用于 Ryzen 3 CPU的广告时,当时很受鼓舞。

A:Would you like to share and introduce advertisement projects impressed you a lot that you are involved?

Q:My music was used in many advertising projects. Especially

I was inspired when my first track was used by AMD in advertisement of Ryzen 3 CPU.


Q:我认为我的音乐很具有创造力。我更擅长爵士乐(传统爵士乐,大乐队,摇摆乐,法国爵士乐和其他风格)和民族音乐(波尔卡,中东和凯尔特音乐)。在各类音乐中,我更偏向为纪录片和流行音乐作曲。Benny Goodman, Eddie Daniels, Paquito D`Rivera 和Jango Reinhart对我还有我的音乐创作影响很大。

A:How do you define your music style? What are the music styles that you are good at? Who is the musician who has the most influence on you?

Q:I just like to create.I`m familiar with Jazz (Traditional Jazz, Big Band, Swing, French Jazz and other styles) and Folk and Ethnic Music (Polka, Middle East, Celtic Music…) Among Contemporary styles I like to compose music for Documentaries and Pop music.As a clarinetist I listened and transcribed such great musicians as Benny Goodman, Eddie Daniels, Paquito D`Rivera, Jango Reinhart and many other.



A:Is there any interesting story happening in your production process?

Q:As I mentioned above, my first track was bought by AMD. It was amazing inspiration for aspiring producer.



A:How do you know 100Audio? How do you think of 100Audio? What impact does a platform like 100audio have on today's music market?

Q:I received an Email about Earnings in Advance Campaign. I always have many tracks that I can upload at new stock. So, that`s why I`m here.I think 100Audio is very good site and unique place. It`s a bridge for European Produces to Chinese Market.I think that impact is huge.



A:Why do you choose 100Audio? How are your sales on 100Audio?

Q:Chinese Market is very big and I want to show my music to Chinese Companies and Media Makers that may be interested in it.Same as in other sites. Fresh tracks sells good and then you need to renew your portfolio.



A: What are the differences between 100Audio and other music stock? Is there any suggestion for 100Audio? Would you recommend 100Audio to your friends?

Q:I think it`s China Exclusive License and higher average price per track.

Yes, always update your search engine algorithms. It should be as flexible as possible.Yes, around 10 of my colleagues and friends joined 100Audio at last 3 month.



A:Is there any change for you life or work after joining in 100Audio?

Q:I bought new Laptop


Q:我很喜欢 《颁奖 开幕 电影 宣传(2版本)》


A:What is your favorite track among all works you uploaded on 100Audio? Why?

Q:There is One Fanfare. I like it very much it`s perfect for Ceremony Openings and Awards giving.



A:What’s your view on Chinese music market?

Q:It`s huge. I think it`s possible to earn a lot of money here. China is top country in the World in 2019. A lot of NEW abilities and chances here.